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The medical uses of Cannabinoids – Clinical studies

Mar 10, 2020
An ancient painting showing materials for medical uses

The medical uses of Cannabinoids – Clinical studies

The cannabis industry is changing society and economy and improves human wellness.
here below a few facts, explanations, and truths about the Marijuana plant.

Cannabis constitutes a “shelter” by improving the natural ability of the body to fight against bad infections and diseases that might occur, it has a critical role in preventing inflammation. In fact, smoking or steaming herbs was the first documented way in which ancient people used to consume medication. By steaming the medicinal plants on hot stones and inhalation of steam. In fact, the absorption of substances through the lungs is effective and is also used in conventional medicine (inhalers for asthma patients).
The active compounds THC and other cannabinoids that are found exclusively in the Cannabis plant imitate natural molecules that are formed in the human body. Nature is trying to tell us something. The cannabis effect is different for each person. Therefore, each person should get a consultation and ask a professional for his own type of formulation. Smoking cannabis works faster rather than eating it, which usually takes about 45 min up to an hour until you feel the effect.

Cannabis is safe to use

In case of an overdose you fall asleep, the instructions, in that case, is to calm down and to understand that it’s going to pass. The cannabis plant contains other than THC and CBD another 64 Cannabinoids that in most of them are found evidence of treating different kinds of diseases, therefore it is advised to use the whole flower or full spectrum. Under good conditions, the Cannabis plant can grow up to a height of 6 feet, in India the plant grows and is known as a natural common weed.

Holding cannabis with hands

In 2700 before the Common Era, head of the Chinese Empire, Shen Nung, recommended Cannabis as a medicine for more than a hundred different diseases. Today in China there are still 789 grams of cannabis that are preserved from that period of time. Marijuana came to Europe with Napoleon who brought it right from ancient Egypt. During the 1960s the concentration of the active ingredient in the flower (Cannabis) was 3.5%, nowadays the flower contains 22% of active ingredients. In Alaska Cannabis is legal to use and to self-grow since 1975, George Washington grew Cannabis in Mountain Creek. In North Korea, Cannabis is legal and isn’t defined as a drug, and Uruguay is the first country to legalize the use, growth, and sale of Cannabis. In Colorado they found that the more Cannabis-selling stores were opened, the more Starbucks stores opened as well. Not surprising considering the appetite that Cannabis gives you.
Bob Marley was buried with his guitar and a Cannabis flower.

The first industrial paper was made from Hemp, the most important documents in human history were written on Hemp paper. One dunam of Hemp can produce 30 dunam forest quantities of cellulose over 10 years

The Cannabis plant has high cellulose fibers content, it had around 70% in comparison to trees that only contain 30%. The Cannabis plant is the most efficient plant to serve humanity commercially.

Ancient knowledge is fascinating

all cultures had a very deep and good knowledge of medicinal plants and their impact on the human body and soul. The most effective herbs are when extracted from fresh, organic plants.

Medicinal plants are complementary to the products sold by pharmacy companies but it is not in their interest to develop or sell them because they are not patentable, they are part of the public knowledge. Pharmaceutical companies are constantly searching for the molecule/formula they can scoop up billions of dollars for patent rights. I believe in the natural whole plants, gods’ medicines. When it comes to medicinal herbs, personal matching, and proper timing are needed.

Medical herbs have a variety of beneficial substances: antioxidants, essential oils, natural antibiotics, vitamins, minerals, and more. There is a lot of up-to-date historical and scientific knowledge on this “functional food”, where food that has healing and preventative capabilities are on the rise. Here’s an example: Instead of sleeping pills that damage the body’s natural ability to produce the necessary ingredients for natural sleep, try banana peel tea, it works and it also has a scientific explanation.

Dr. Refael Aharon in the lab

Dr. Refael Aharon

Over 18 years of experience creating companies and products and leading them through the practical creative scientific thinking process and upscaling until the company is ready with commercial shelf-products. I have become well known internationally as an industry expert for the unique processes, experience, and knowledge on building and operating full-scale machines for extracting goods and products from plants and other resources. I invented and developed wastewater (Sewage) mining system* using the wastewater as a resource, via a Bio-based recycling factory as a model for zero liquid waste solutions, products produced from a variety of wastewater types –municipal, industrial and agricultural.

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