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Grass-Tech Era, California Cannabis rush

Apr 1, 2020

Grass-Tech Era, California Cannabis rush

The market is rising, business and employment opportunities, regulation, and products. A special article for the Cannabis plant that became legal in the state of California.

In the grass-tech era, after the high-tech, biotech, nanotech, and cleantech, it seems that many investors and entrepreneurs are involved in the next new thing – legal cannabis. In fact, the California market is the only one that can sustain itself financially, the rest of the markets (Oregon, WA, Colorado, etc.) are too small.

Anyone dealing with cannabis should have a proper license. Licenses in the cannabis market are divided into five main categories: growers, distributors, manufactures, testing laboratories, and sales at end-consumer dispensaries. Products include smoking products, edible products, and topical products.
There is a downward trend in the number of smokers and an increase in the consumption of pills, candies, cookies, and other food products.

In general, the active ingredients in the cannabis plant are divided into two major groups of CBD and THC where the CBD component is purely medical without the “stellar” hallucinogen. The truth is that there are many more cannabinoids that each have other medical benefits.

Product quality control and controlled doses are done by rigorous laboratory testing. The regulation is in line with that in the pharmaceutical industry. Recent clinical studies demonstrate the Cannabinoid’s medical benefits in preventing cancer, osteoporosis, boosting the immune system, and more. I believe that cannabis products combined with ancient wisdom are a natural alternative to body and mind medicine.

*Interesting fact about cannabis plants: In the human brain there are natural receptors for cannabis – meaning we are built to consume cannabis. Unique receptors that do not exist for other active substances found almost only in the cannabis plant. Could we be programmed to consume cannabis?

California concludes the first year of recreational cannabis sales – a summary in numbers

The cannabis market is developing at a slow pace and not as expected.
Here are some interesting facts: Southern California consumes more, wastes, and visits more licensed stores than Northern California. The consumers prefer flowering (44%) but edible products (EDIBLES) are on the rise and are about 19% of sales.
Best-selling products for 2019 (in descending order): flowers, evaporative oil (CARTRIDGES), edible products, already-made joints, swallow extract (TINCTURES), exterior/smear products (TOPICALS).
In California, mostly mixed species are sold 54% (HYBRID) followed by Indica species 21% (INDICA) and sativa 19% (SATIVA).
Hemp and its related industries create new and profitable opportunities in the fields of growing, breeding, producing, selling, marketing, and distributing directly, and like every new industry, professionals are required from other fields such as accounting, law, air conditioners, construction and more.

The Medical Uses of Cannabinoids (Cannabis) – Evidence from Clinical Trials

In recent years, significant advances have been made in clinical research regarding the role of the cannabis plant in the treatment of different diseases, In fact, the most common treatment and relief of some cancers today is the use of cannabis. The various cannabis plants differ in the composition of cannabinoids (active substances) that bind to receptors (receptors) in the body. The two best-known cannabinoids are CBD and THC but there are also THCA, CBN, THCV, CBDV, CBG, CBC

Cannabinoids have been found to play important roles in treating and relieving many diseases and nuisances related to the body and mind, in general cannabis strengthens the body’s natural immune system.

CBD will help relieve stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, migraine, cramps and spasms, spinal cord injury, and PTSD.

CBN will help with sleep, treating infections, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, Fibromyalgia, Pain, Arthritis, HIV

THCV will help with epilepsy, muscle spasms, HIV, diabetes, fatty liver

THCA will help with Crohn’s disease, infections, sclerosis, convulsions, AIDS

THC will help boost appetite, asthma, eye disease, chronic fatigue, ADHD, weight loss, depression

CBG, CBC will help alleviate Alzheimer’s, pain, Parkinson’s, and certain kinds of cancers.

In most cases, combining a number of cannabinoids with – wide spectrum will lead to the best result. The cannabinoids can be consumed by ingestion (food, edible), smoking, or external smear.

Dr. Refael Aharon

Over 18 years of experience creating companies and products and leading them through the practical creative scientific thinking process and upscaling until the company is ready with commercial shelf-products. I have become well known internationally as an industry expert for the unique processes, experience, and knowledge on building and operating full-scale machines for extracting goods and products from plants and other resources. I invented and developed wastewater (Sewage) mining system* using the wastewater as a resource, via a Bio-based recycling factory as a model for zero liquid waste solutions, products produced from a variety of wastewater types –municipal, industrial and agricultural.

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