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Why most of CBD oil quality is at a mid-level

Aug 28, 2020

Why most of CBD oil quality is at a mid-level

It is all about quality and consistency

Flowers or trim as raw material for CBx
crude oils and distillates (co2 process)

Today’s CBx wellness customers demand quality and specific strains, and they are ready to pay for a good experience. While the demand and regulations for CBx oils are increasing, the quality and the consistency of the oils in the market is a mess. Customers and manufacturers buy different products each time. In this premium wellness market, there is a need for high-quality consistent products. The way to achieve that is by keeping the genetics and by using real flowers as raw materials.

The majority of crude and distillate oils made from trim have become the industry standard. By using the trim, growers and manufacturers maximize their profit margins. Trim is a very low-grade aging plant material, it contains low concentrations of cannabinoids, bad terpenes profile, and a lot of unwanted material (wax, oils, chlorophyll, etc.). Winterization and at least two distillation cycles are needed to receive pure cannabinoids from the trim. As shown in the table on the right, the crude oil from trim required effective winterization (cleaning waste from the oil) in order for it to reach the cannabinoids level of crude from flowers. By manufacturing premium crude oil from CBD and CBG flowers we will differentiate ourselves from competitors and we’ll have a special segment in the market.

CBD Graph

There is no need to distillate the crude oil and it can serve a great basis for edibles and topicals. There are price differences between trim and flowers (X3-4) but Since the yield of the flower is higher and fewer processes are needed (see the figure below) the price differences are minor and the price that the customers will pay is higher. In our products and based on our philosophy we are organically growing and manufacturing only crude oils derived from premium selected flowers. That is what we call a true full spectrum. In order to mimic the whole flower smoke experience, the oil must be created from flowers – no shortcuts.

For centuries the flowers have been used, Flowers contain high
cannabinoids content, great terpenes profile, and almost no dirt, crude oil is already a fine product with ~85% cannabinoids. Crude oil from the flower is a less processed product, has the right terpenes profile, tastes great, and has highly desirable aromatherapy properties

Why should you drink treated water when you are living near the river? Do you prefer Your Hamburger from a cow tail, or from the T-bone part? For your wellness, it is better to use the right plant parts, cannabis flowers. By using the flowers and selected genetics we can ensure consistency and premium full spectrum

Dr.Refael Aharon in the Lab

Dr. Refael Aharon

Over 18 years of experience creating companies and products and leading them through the practical creative scientific thinking process and upscaling until the company is ready with commercial shelf-products. I have become well known internationally as an industry expert for the unique processes, experience, and knowledge on building and operating full-scale machines for extracting goods and products from plants and other resources. I invented and developed wastewater (Sewage) mining system* using the wastewater as a resource, via a Bio-based recycling factory as a model for zero liquid waste solutions, products produced from a variety of wastewater types –municipal, industrial and agricultural.

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