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Kambo, purify your body with frog poison

Apr 17, 2020
kambo frog

Kambo, purify your body with frog poison

What is Kambo? It is an indigenous medicine belonging to the Nokè Koì tribe, which lives in the Amazon rainforest of the State of Acre in Brazil. This tribe has been using the medicine of the kambó for more than 2,000 years approximately, using it for all their ailments and also preventing them.

Kambo’s medicine is the secretion extracted, which is also erroneously known as a poison, from a tree frog with the scientific name “Phyllomedusa bicolor”, which is also known as “Kambo”, which lives in certain areas of the Amazon rainforest, specifically in Colombia, Peru, and Brazil.

The frog’s secretion is carefully extracted from the external part of the giant monkey frog’s skin without causing any damage. When the secretion is completely removed, it is stored on a pallet made of special wood where it is left to dry for application in therapy; finally, the frog from which the secretion was removed is left free to return to its natural habitat.

This medicine is used to detoxify the organism or to purify the body through a purge, expelling all the toxins that cause the body to lose its natural functionality. The body recovers both its vitality and its functionality, restoring the person’s well-being.

It can be said that Kambo is one of the strongest and most natural means, besides providing greater resistance to our immune system. It has an even more potent power than morphine, in fact, 4,000 times more, and is stronger than endogenous type B endorphins by about 40 times.

The treatments of this medicine have short and long term effects. Short-term effects are alertness, good mood, greater resistance to fatigue; the ability to concentrate more easily, and mental calm that can last for several days, even weeks. Kambo’s long-term effects are to empower the immune system, overcome fatigue, and improve health status.

Benefits of Kambo:

  • It produces a strong impact on the intestines, which causes a deep cleansing.
  • It lowers blood pressure.
  • It causes an increase in sensory perception.
  • Has a strong analgesic effect, improves endurance and increases physical strength
  • Produces a great improvement in the ability to endure pain and stressful situations.
  • It facilitates digestion and has been shown to cause analgesic effects for those suffering from colic.
  • It has interesting medical characteristics, anti-inflammatory effects, a great capacity for the destruction of microbes and viruses, as well as for healing infections.
  • For those people who have addictions, the results of Kambo can be produced quickly.
shoulder with Kambo marks

Kambo ritual:

The Kambo ritual is led by a shaman or a healer. Participants performing the ritual must drink two liters of water on an empty stomach before the healer applies the Kambo to their skin. As soon as the participants are ready, the healer proceeds to burn the top layer of their skin with an incense stick; then the Kambo is applied to the burned skin, causing the frog’s secretion to go directly into the bloodstream.

Once the Kambo is applied, a sensation of heat is quickly produced. The blood begins to flow more quickly to the head and the face turns an intense red color. A few minutes later, strong nausea occurs, causing the participant to vomit. The heart rate accelerates and the body temperature increases. Participants begin to sweat and experience chills. Despite all these negative effects, after the Kambo session, you will feel completely revitalized. The ritual usually consists of two sessions in a row.

During the Kambo session, most healers will participate by singing or playing an instrument. It should be noted that each shaman has his or her rituals.

Risks and side effects:

The use of Kambo could be especially dangerous for those who have any disease related to the heart muscles and the circulatory system. These peptides cause vasodilation and relaxation of the muscles.

The use of Kambo is not recommended for people who have a donor organ. When trying to prevent the body from rejecting a donor organ, it is necessary to take drugs to suppress the immune system’s response, and the use of Kambo will counteract the effects of these drugs because it stimulates the immune system.

On the other hand, side effects should not be taken lightly. These include:

  • Sweating.
  • Tremors.
  • Nausea.
  • Cramping.
  • Vomiting.
  • Increased body temperature.

Usually, these effects are considered part of the ritual, as physical discomfort helps free the mind and body. At the end of the ritual you will feel tired and have a slight headache, but the next day you will usually be in good physical shape.

Other side effects are:

  • Hypotension.
  • Tachycardia.
  • Palpitations.

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