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Psychedelic Microdosing: A basic guide to the next huge trend

Sep 20, 2020
Microdosing: A tiny piece of magic mushroom on a finger

Psychedelic Microdosing: A basic guide to the next huge trend

What is Microdosing?

Microdosing is the technique of taking minimal doses of psychedelic drugs, commonly referred to as magic mushrooms, such that the drug will hardly produce whole-body effects but will allow cellular reaction for study. The widely used therapy drugs include LSD and psilocybin mushrooms.

The technique is a highly growing trend and the key to feeling more focused and bettering oneself. The doses which are below the threshold are usually too low to ‘trip’ but high enough to evoke an internal reaction.

The idea of Microdosing is borrowed from the concept of the pharmaceutical of “minimum dose” which means taking the smallest dose which is just enough to realize the positive reactions you are after but not enough to evoke negative reactions.

Where did the idea of Microdosing come from?

Psychedelics were first discovered in 1938 where Albert Hoffman accidentally came into contact with LSD. The Swiss chemist made LSD by combining several chemicals in the lab and when he tried it on himself, the effects were amazing. His research, however, did not contribute much to the idea of Microdosing.

Microdosing research has its roots in the 1960s, where Dr. James Fadiman was the first to experiment with psychedelic drugs to find out the effects such drugs have on the human mind. In his groundbreaking research, he targeted Scientists, Architects, and engineers and gave a dose of LSD and a hallucinogen. This pioneering research was done just before there was a food ban on the substance LSD.

Dr. Fadiman did not stop there! Recently published a book titled the Psychedelics explorers guide, and his research is still ongoing. He has recently ventured into micro-dosing research. He researched how negligibly small doses of psychedelic drugs affect the everyday lives of the users. Part of his research has been through questioning hundreds of users.

The research on psychedelics does not end with Dr. Fadiman as similar research is being conducted in Imperial college London where the study aims to measure the cognitive abilities of users and their well-being. In April 2019, the first center for psychedelic research was created by the college.

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5 Microdosing BenefitsIncreased creativity

1. Increased creativity

Microdosing has been reported to enable the user to get into the zone quickly, therefore experiencing creative outbursts, which make work enjoyable.

2. Increased physical energy

Psychedelics improve the coordination of body functions and also create stamina while exercising and lifting weights.

3. Improved emotional balance

Users have reported a reduction of anxiety and alleviation of depression and emotional outbursts. Microdosing also treats disorders such as attention deficit hyperactivity.

4. Improved spirituality

Microdosing lets the user see the world in a more spiritual view and understanding of the different forms of life.

5. Mood-lifting and anti-depressant

Psychedelics stimulate the release of dopamine from our brains which makes activities like eating good food, bike riding, watching tv and reading feel so good.

Microdosing: Unexpected side effects

Microdosing can lead to an infatuation with the heightened focus or creativity and therefore addicted to the practice.

Mania and anxiety
People have different reactions to psychedelics. Therefore, Microdosing may lead to anxiety episodes in some users.


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