Iboga Used as Medicine

Apr 10, 2020

Iboga Used as Medicine

Iboga is an African plant, widely known for its health benefits, that has helped cure many incurable diseases and addictions in today’s society. Ibogaine is the essential active compound found in iboga, which doctors extract and use for the treatments. The therapy has to be under professional surveillance since a large dosage of iboga can toxify the body. On the other hand, when used properly, iboga becomes the most effective alternative medicine in the modern world.


Some African tribes have been using Iboga to connect with the spirits of their ancestors through weekly rituals. People would wear costumes, and dance in sync to dynamic music for hours. At this stage, Iboga would be used to keep them in the state of bliss and union, where they could perform the ceremonies. However, some ceremonies would last for more than a day, where people of the tribe would start initiations in order to help any of their members to go through any traumatic experience, from health issues to young boys’ transitions to adulthood. Iboga would be administered in large doses in such a way that the person would often lose consciousness and float to the other world, where they would usually encounter their ancestors, or even Jesus himself. After such experience, the initiate would share his feelings, which would make him a legit community member. If we track down the usage of iboga to these tribe rituals, it doesn’t come as a surprise that many countries had banned iboga. However, let’s not forget that every plant can be a medicine if it’s used in a proper way.

Modern-day usage of Iboga

As we have seen in the previous paragraph, iboga was mainly used for ceremonial purposes in Africa. Soon enough western researchers discovered the benefits of iboga and brought the herb in order to have it tested. It has been proven that ibogaine stimulates the production of serotonin and dopamine, and, as well, influences the processes of memorizing and learning. Not only iboga improves mood, but it also cures drug addictions, without leaving any consequences. The scientists have noticed that the majority of addicts need only one treatment to break the addiction circle; so it still remains unclear why is such a powerful cure banned in most of the countries? Another benefit of iboga is that there are no side-effects, experts usually administer 10 to 20 mg/kg, followed up extensive test doses that monitor all metabolic reactions. It is well known that psychedelic therapy can influence the reduction of stress and lead to trauma-release. The therapeutic benefits are endless, and many patients witness improvement in their overall state, including the clarity of the mind and craving reduction. When used responsibly, iboga can give a new life-perspective to addicts who have lost hope, and gave up the recovery. The researches have confirmed that the herb has the power to influence peoples’ minds, bringing them back to the original feeling of unconditional love, where they feel safe and ready to accept a giving hand.

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