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Bufo alvarius – Basic Info

Apr 9, 2020

Bufo alvarius – Basic Info

The secretions of different types of toads have been thoroughly investigated and used for their psychoactive effects. Bufo alvarius is an amphibian that’s a native habitat of the Sonoran desert of Mexico. Apart from Mexico, this species can also, be found in the U.S.A and in areas surrounding the Colorado River. Bufo alvarius have some large glands that can secrete large quantities of a milky-colored compound, full of psychoactive alkaloids. So, what exactly is the chemical composition of this secretion and how safe is it for humans?

What exactly is Bufo alvarius?

As we all know, toads have always been an inseparable part of myths, legends, and various religions. People have used them a lot in their medical practices because they are full of benefits, including their large population, small size and plenty of interesting compounds found in their secretions. The venoms of most toads have a lot of different substances, responsible for a series of psychoactive effects, but there are still questions about the specific alkaloids in those secretions that are the most active ingredients of the venom.

Although the importance of the venom produced by toads has been largely investigated from the ancient years, and many different civilizations have tried to isolate certain compounds in order to use them in their medical practice, there is still some confusion about the safety of those compounds and the proposed dosage in humans.

Chemical composition of the toad’s secretion

Bufo alvarius can secrete large amounts of different alkaloids, most of which are part of the indole alkylamines family. As it is common with other species, Bufo alvarius toad produces 5-OH-DMT, commonly known as bufotenin in quite impressive quantities. Typically, the skin of a toad of this kind contains other sulfurous compounds, as well. Bufovidrine and bufotoxin are two of the most widely-used ones in medical practice. Most of the available studies depict bufotenine as the most active compound in the venom of toads, capable of producing some significant psychoactive results.

However, the true enthusiasm around this particular species is the fact that they are the only known type of toad that contains 5-meo-DMT in their secretions. So, how much of this substance can a single toad normally produce? Well, about 50-75 mg of this substance! 5-Meo-DMT has also, been found in human fluids, including blood and urine.

Bufotenin and 5-Meo-DMT Dosage

You should have in mind that results surrounding the dosage of bufotenin and its effects are not that clear. In some cases, the results are even somewhat controversial. The most prominent dosages, however, are the following:

Oral: 100 mg average dosageSmoked or Vaporized: 4-8 mg average doseRectal: 30 mg low doseIntranasal: 30-60 mg average dose and up to 100 mg high dose

5-Meo-DMT dosage is quite different, and the average proposed dose depends a lot on the specific tract a person chooses to use. Traditionally, 5-Meo-DMT which can be found in plants and human fluids, as well, is consumed via insufflation. The threshold dose is about 4 mg and an average dosage will normally range between 8-15 mg. On the other hand, if you choose to smoke the pure compound, the average dosage is a bit lower, ranging from 5-10 mg. Pure smoked 5-Meo-DMT can reach up to 20 mg when we talk about a high dose.

Health and risks

As mentioned before, 5-Meo-DMT is responsible for most of the effects produced by the secretions of toads belonging to the Bufo alvarius species. The common effects on the health of individuals as reported by former users of this compound are the following: sudden sensations of spirituality, reactions of panic and fear, hallucinations and possibly a sense of dying. Those effects typically appear with the very first minutes after you receive this compound and they last no more than 20 minutes.

An experience with Bufo alvarius can be immersive and quite overwhelming, leading the person to lose external references and be unable to control his body. The psychological risks of such an experience are also, quite apparent in every consumption of the secretion. For some people, the experience may be quite interesting and pleasant, but for most, it is described as traumatic and frightening. The unique thing around the consumption of a Bufo alvarius secretion is the fact that unlike similar psychedelic substances, 5-Meo-DMT can really make us lose consciousness of both ourselves and our environment. That can be really dangerous, particularly if we are alone during that time.

It is true that a long history surrounds the use of secretions produced by toads in medical practice. In terms of the compounds included in the secretion of Bufo alvarius, however, things are not that clear. The experience of consuming those substances, even at an average or low dose can be both thrilling and frightening. Each person’s personal mental state,

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